Payment Options

We offer a range of payment options depending on the currency you have selected. The various options available to you will be displayed on the checkout page.

Online Payment
Today you can pay for your goods on with VISA, MasterCard and other country dependent Cards. It is free to pay by card.

If you’re in Australia you also have the option of selecting.(see below). If you don’t already have an account with them, you will have the opportunity to open one from the checkout page.


If you want to shop safely and smoothly, PayPal is a good option. With a PayPal account, you will be able to pay easily with your e-mail address and password only, without having to provide your card number. If you do not already have a PayPal account, you can create it directly by clicking here.
When you trade with PayPal, you can be covered by PayPal’s Buyer Protection, if in all cases, something would be wrong. Should you need to return the item you purchased, PayPal will refund you for your return costs. See Terms and Conditions for Buyer Protection and Compensation for any Return Policy on PayPal. We do not charge a fee when paying with PayPal.
Have you run into difficulties?
If you experience problems with ordering on our website, it may be because you are trying to pay with a card type or payment method that we currently do not support. If you have further problems, please contact our customer service.